What We Do

Picking a flooring system that will protect a sensitive surface from 10,000 concert goers or allow a 100 tonne crane to get across a lawn can be fundamentally critical to the success of a project...

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Who We Do It For

We simply believe in solving problems by providing solutions for people. Our value comes in our vast knowledge of suppliers and manufacturers (Pretty much in the whole of the northern hemisphere and beyond) of temporary flooring solutions...

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What You Want To Avoid

A gallery of mistakes that the team at Temporary Flooring Solutions, can help you avoid...

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Why choose Temporary Flooring Solutions?


We believe in challenging old and outdated methods. Our approach is to seek an effective and well thought through solution , rather than readily accepting the norm.

We fully understand trackway and flooring systems. We also understand what they can and can’t do on different types of ground. We probably have a broader knowledge than just about anyone else.

Our core aim is to listen to the challenges you face and then find the right solutions to solve them.

We achieve this in a fully independent manner, by using the widest range of products that are available from just about anywhere in the world.

We always aim to get the best outcome for our clients, at the lowest available price.

We would be happy to talk with you so please call us on +44 (0)203 286 7463 or mail us on info@temporaryflooringsolutions.com

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A Brand New Temporary Flooring System for your Event – AluRoad

  It is not often that we are able to make a dent in the world of Temporary Flooring Solutions, but this one is a bit of a scoop. Our friends from Spain have come up with a new option for both event and industrial Temporary Access Trackway (or Trakway depending which side of the [...]

You have to get it Right – The story of Sporting Gijon- Part 1

    Real Oviedo 1- Sporting Gijon 0 Back in November 2012 I wrote an article which was entitled Real Oviedo 1- Taxman 0 It told the story of the fight for Real Oviedo. A football club and got into big trouble with the tax people of the government of Spain. The club realised it was [...]